Friends, family, strangers, loved ones, unloved ones—anyone can play!

How to Play

Same as last year. If you are a returning player and you bring 3 NEW people to the pool then you play for free. Just make sure you tell me who the new people are by writing it down on your sign up sheet and have the new one’s write your name on their sign up sheet. For the “newby’s,” here’s how it works:

Each week you choose a winner (no point spread) and rank each game according to your confidence level in choosing the winner. For example: if there are 16 games, then the game that you feel most confident that you picked correctly gets a 16 ranking. The next most confident pick gets a 15. The next most confident gets a 14…and so on until the one game that you have no clue about receives a 1. Use each number only once. Total up the amount of ranking points you picked correctly, factor in bonus points and you have your weekly score.

The Loser Challenge

This is a different way to win money and it’s already paid for with your entry fee! Each week you will pick one team to lose. Each team will have an assigned point value that will remain constant throughout the first half of the season. After week 8 the point values will change. For example: St. Louis = 30, Tenn = 29, Jacksonville = 28…….Cleveland = 1. The better the team you choose to lose, the more points you receive. Ok, so each week you pick a team to lose, if that team loses then you get the points. If that team wins then you get nothing. We will tally up the “Loser Challenge” points at the end of 8 weeks and determine a winner and again at the end of the regular season we will determine a winner. All prize money will be determined after all entries have been received.


For each Monday night game pick a winner, rank, AND a final score---not total points but a final score…ex: 28-17. Only the score will serve as our weekly tie-breaker.

What You Give

The cost to participate for the entire regular season is only $40!!! That’s only $2 per week!! Heck, it takes more to feed a hungry child in Zimbabwe. I will take cash or check. Please make checks payable to “Scott Burton” (you can trust me…I promise).

Bonus Picks

Each week we will have bonus picks for a chance to add to your weekly and overall score. Bonus questions will appear on the website when you submit your picks. When you register you will also find bonus chances.

Other Necessary Information

Most important, YOU CANNOT BE LATE WITH YOUR PICS!!!!! There is a time stamp on the site that will allow you to make your pics until kick off of the first game at the latest!.