College Bowl Spectacular

How To Play
Choose a winner (no point spread) and rank each game according to your confidence level in choosing the winner. For example: There are 38 games, then the game that you feel most confident that you picked correctly gets a 38 ranking. The next most confident pick gets a 38. The next most confident gets a 37 …and so on until the one game that you have no clue about receives a 1. Use each number only once. Total up the amount of ranking points you picked correctly, factor in bonus points and you have your score.

Tie Breaker
For the Alabama vs. Clemson game you will choose a final score---not total points but a final score…ex: 28-17. The score will serve as our tie-breaker if needed.

It is just $10 an entry; enter as many times as you want. Make sure you pay by the first game or you will be eliminated from the pool (no kidding, make sure you pay). Use the Pay Pal link after you submit your picks (or below). You don't even need an account, just use your credit or debit, free, and SECURE!

Payouts will be determined after we have collected all the entry fees.